Catskill Shed Co. – Old World Standards for Backyard Storage

You’ve built a home that raises beauty and functionality to the highest standard. Expect the same of your backyard building. At the Catskill Shed Co., we don’t dump a pre-fab thing into your backyard. We’re artisans. We work with you to design exactly what you want.

All our backyard structures follow the same standards we learned as apprentices – integrity, dependability, attention to detail, commitment to excellence and Old World traditions. We specialize in green construction.

It’s your storage solution. And your vision. We just make it real.

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    We offer you every option in design,
    including architectural styles to match
    your main building.
    You can also customize your structure with an array
    of materials, colors, vents,
    cupolas, windows,
    doors, shutters and accessories.


Hand-built and using
eco-friendly materials and
techniques whenever possible.


We take pride in building it.
We take just as much
pride in delivering it.


“We were so pleased with Catskill Shed Co. We recommended them to our friends.”

“They give the best price by far. They came in right under our budget and on time.”

“They understood exactly what we wanted for our shed.”

About Catskill Shed Co.

It was born out of a rich tradition of carpentry and craftsmanship. Catskill Shed is devoted to marrying the best traditional methods and skills with the most efficient modern technology to create backyard structures that are truly superior.

Each member of our team brings many years – even decades -- of expertise and meets the most rigorous standards of skill, conscientiousness and knowledge.